E-rate Assistance

The Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries, also known as the E-rate Program, provides discounts on telecommunication services, Internet access and internal connections for all public and private schools and libraries. The Universal Service Program is administered by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD).

E-rate provides discounts of 20-90 percent on the cost of eligible services. Discounts are based on the number of students eligible for the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program and the location of the organization (rural or urban).

The discounts are paid directly to the companies that provide schools and libraries with these technology services. In turn, the school or library receives a discounted bill or a reimbursement.

Each year, the amount available for funding must be approved. A funding year begins on July 1, and ends on the following June 30.

E-rate Training Events

New Web Seminars and Classes Posted for 2014-2015.

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MOREnet provides a variety of training opportunities to learn more about the E-rate program. Traditional classroom-style training will be offered at MOREnet in December. Live, online events will also be available throughout the year. To complement the traditional and online events, MOREnet has recorded training modules that are available anytime.

Recorded Webinars

October 2014 New to E-rate and deadlines for the Form 472 and 486

September 2014 E-rate FCC Modernization Order

January 2014 - E-Rate Form 471 Update and Lessons Learned - E-Rate Web Seminar

November 2013 - E-rate Form 470 and Technology Planning

October 2013 - E-rate BEAR Form 472

April 2013 - E-rate Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Review

March 2013 - E-rate Status Tools and Consortium Member Requirements

February 2013 - Form 471 Window Closing Checklist

January 2013 - Form 471 Step by Step

October 2012 - Maximize Discounts on Expenses in the Eligible Services List

September 2012 - E-rate Form 472 (Past), Form 486 (Present), and Technology Planning (Future)

August 2012 - E-rate Extreme Basics and Status Search Tools

March 2012 - E-Rate Status Tools and Consortium Member Requirements

February 2012 - Form 471 Window Closing Checklist

January 2012 - Maximize Disounts on Expenses in the Eligible Service List








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