Fort D - Cape Girardeau


How is MOREnet's network arranged?

MOREnet has five hub locations: Columbia, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Springfield and St. Louis. The hubs are connected together as a ring with a spoke across the middle. See our Backbone Utilization Map for a graphical representation. Our architecture provides good redundancy in the face of backhoe-induced outages. The network backbone is ATM, and we have one OC12 on each leg. Our circuits to our Internet providers are Packet-Over-Sonet. Each of our members connect to the nearest hub via pure ATM or ATM to Frame Relay interworking.

What equipment do you use at the core?

We use Stratacom BPX ATM switches to run our ATM backbone. We have a Cisco 10000-series router at each hub to aggregate customer circuits and a Cisco 12000-series router to provide backbone routing. Each hub also has a Sun Solaris server for DNS services.

What equipment do you use at the edge?

Customer routers can be anything from Cisco 1005 LAN extenders to Cisco 7507 routers depending on the customer's requirements. Our presence in our customer's networks doesn't extend beyond the router.