Connection Upgrade Process

Step 1: Upgrade Request

To request a connection upgrade, a member must submit a Connection Information Form and public library members must also submit a REAL Program Bandwidth Utilization Survey to MOREnet.
(Requires customer action before the process can continue.)

Step 2: Consultation (when applicable)

MOREnet may contact the member to discuss equipment and connection requirements.

Step 3: Order Form with Cost Estimate

MOREnet will generate an order form with cost estimate for all requests that will be paid for by the member. MOREnet cannot process the order until it receives the signed order form.

Step 4: Equipment Order

MOREnet orders connections and other equipment, but the vendor controls the delivery date.

Step 5: Equipment Configuration

When the equipment arrives, MOREnet configures it.

Step 6: Shipment to Member Site

Members should immediately open any shipments from MOREnet to verify arrival of equipment and enclosed instructions.

Step 7: Connection Installation

The telecommunications vendor will install the connection at the Telephone Company Demarcation Point identified in the member's Connection Information Form. The vendor usually does not provide a firm date for installing this telecommunications equipment.

Although the installed connection will not work until it is activated, please send e-mail to Connie Smith or call her at (800) 509-6673 to notify MOREnet that the connection has been physically installed and verify the installation location.

Installation times can vary widely and are dependent upon factors such as site location, provider and circuit capacity. For more information regarding installation times, please contact the appropriate MOREnet Member Services Advisor.

Step 8: Activation

The telecommunications vendor will notify MOREnet when the connection is ready to activate. MOREnet will then contact the member to schedule activation. MOREnet and the member will work together to activate the connection.