Internet Connection


An Internet connection is a standard MOREnet service. MOREnet provides member sites with a router and circuit for access to the Internet. MOREnet monitors the provided circuit and router and will respond to problems with either. See Eligibility and Pricing below for additional information.

Requirements for Service

Members are required to provide:

  • Electrical power and a physically-secure location for the router.
  • An Ethernet connection from their network to the MOREnet router. The connection can be made using either copper cable or fiber.
  • A second Ethernet connection for video equipment, if needed to avoid compatibility issues between the video equipment and a firewall. (Optional)
  • Trained contacts at the site who can check the router indicator lights and switch electrical power on/off. MOREnet will provide training for the contacts, if needed.

Internet Connection Eligibility and Pricing

All members are eligible to order their network connectivity through MOREnet. Members of the REAL program for public libraries receive Internet connectivity as described in their program guidelines. Costs associated with service requests outside of the program are the responsibility of the member. Members of the K-12, MERC and Affiliate programs are responsible for all associated connectivity costs. Please contact your Member Services Advisor for pricing information. (See MOREnet Programs for program descriptions and Member Services Advisor contact information.)

Purchasing the Service

If your organization is not currently a member of MOREnet, please contact the appropriate Member Services Advisor for information on becoming a member.

Current members who wish to add one or more connections or increase bandwidth at a current connection should follow the Connection Upgrade Process.


Internet Connection Support


Bandwidth - the amount of information or data that can be sent over a connection at one time. Bandwidth is normally stated in the number of megabits per second (Mbps) that can be sent.

Internet Connection Terms and Conditions