Email Archiving with Gaggle FAQ

How is the archiving service priced?
Gaggle's pricing is based on a yearly fee per mailbox. Gaggle also offers a discounted rate for the storage of inactive “warehoused" email accounts.
How much data can I store?
With MOREnet's agreement with Gaggle, members receive 10GB per user, which includes archives of Google Apps, email and other services.
What mail systems are supported?
In addition to MOREnet's email, Gaggle also supports Gaggle's email as well as the following:: MS Exchange, GroupWise, Gmail, Office 365, Lotus Notes, FirstClass, NetMail, Postfix, Sendmail, qmail, @mail, Apple-mail server and iMail. If you have a specific system that needs archiving not listed here please contact us.
How long does the archiving process take?
The time required to complete the archiving process depends on your bandwidth and server capacity. Generally, the process is very fast and takes less than one hour during off-peak periods. As an example, a GroupWise customer with 2,500 users on an older server is archived each night in less than 90 minutes.
Can I choose when the archiving takes place?
Yes, you can schedule the archiving to take place at a specific time each night or even multiple times per day.
Can I download the data from the archives at the end of the contract period?
You have the ability to download the contents of each user's folders at any time. In addition, for a small fee Gaggle technicians are available to burn your email data to a DVD, flash drive or hard drive and ship it to your location.
How quickly can I get set up?
If you have administrative access to your mail server and firewall, the set up can be completed in one day.
What is the set up process?
The process is slightly different for each mail system, but generally it involves changing a few preferences in your mail server configuration and opening access in your firewall to Gaggle's IP block. Gaggle technicians will work with you to customize the process to meet your particular needs.
How big is Gaggle's largest archiving customer?
Gaggle's archiving solution is scalable to provide service to customers of all sizes. Gaggle's largest archiving customer as of May 2010 is a school district with over 9,000 user accounts. Its smallest customers have about 100 users.
What kind of customer service is included with the archiving service?
Customer service is a top priority, so MOREnet members can contact MOREnet Technical Support for assistance or contact Gaggle directly. Customers can reach the Gaggle Customer Service Team via our toll-free number or Live Chat feature between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday-Friday (CST). After normal business hours and on weekends and holidays, customers are encouraged to reach our service department via our [email protected] email address. We guarantee a 10 hour or less response time, even on weekends and holidays, with typical response times less than two hours.
Are there any reports available?
After each successful archive, a report is generated and emailed to your designated contact noting successful completion of the archive process. A copy is also sent to your Gaggle Archiving Account Representative to monitor the process. This report indicates how many accounts were archived, how many emails per account and if there were any failure messages during the archive. Additionally, you can generate your own reports from our user-friendly admin interface, allowing you to run reports that can include who has conducted searches, search results and even reports on how many times a particular email was accessed.
What kind of hardware or software is required to implement Gaggle's archiving solution?
Gaggle's archiving solution is a hosted solution, therefore you are not required to purchase or maintain any special hardware or software. This greatly reduces the initial costs and simplifies budgeting.
Where is our archived data stored?
Gaggle's archiving infrastructure is based on several components. email data is stored on three enterprise-class storage systems; two in Los Angeles and a third in Nashville.
Who can access the archive?
Gaggle provides a hierarchy of access levels for archive access. Each user can be set to search all archives, a subset of users, only their personal account or they can have no access at all. In addition, whenever a user accesses your organization's archives, an immediate notice can be sent to your designated administrators. This is one more way you can monitor your important data and prevent unwanted access.
Can users perform searches on the archived data to find specific emails?
Gaggle's solution includes a robust search feature that can assist your administrators with e-discovery or litigation searches. All messages are indexed in real time for searching using Boolean terms. You can search across an entire organization or a single user mailbox. You can search by date, from address, to address, subject, message bodies and more. In addition, you can also search attachments for specific words in the attachment.
Is LDAP authentication for user access supported?
The system supports LDAP and Active Directory authentication as well as single-sign-on protocols.
How many users can your solution support?
One of the benefits of Gaggle's hosted solution is its scalability. Gaggle's state-of-the-art storage solutions are expandable, allowing growth of an additional 500,000 mailboxes without much effort.
What web browsers are required to use Gaggle's archiving solution?
Gaggle is compatible with most modern web browsers including: Internet Explorer 9.0+, Mozilla Firefox 11.0+, Safari 5.0+ and Chrome.