The MOREnet Network

In 1994, the state of Missouri charted a course to provide funding for MOREnet to connect schools and libraries to the Internet. State funding for higher education institutions was then added, making Missouri one of the first states in the country to fund a comprehensive, cost-effective, shared network for K-12, higher education and public libraries.

This shared network has proven to be an efficient and cost-effective approach to meeting the growing bandwidth demands of the members and combined with the centralized statewide services, creates significant cost savings not only for the consortium, but for Missouri taxpayers as well.

MOREnet's current network is the result of the Next Generation Network project, a cooperative effort between MOREnet and the University of Missouri that will stabilize costs over the next 20 years while preserving our ability to increase bandwidth at a minimal cost.

MOREnet is one of the few networks in the country to support 100 gigabit optical paths. This infrastructure exists because we work proactively to anticipate the future needs of technology as we rely more and more on Internet-based tools and resources.

Network connectivity service from MOREnet