REAL Policies

Branch Connections

The Missouri State Library and MOREnet offer an enhancement to the REAL program to provide Internet connectivity for public library branches. MOREnet managed connections at branch libraries will enable libraries to enhance resource sharing and implement library automation systems.

The Missouri State Library and MOREnet provide Internet connectivity for public library branches that became part of the program prior to July 2011. Due to funding constraints, no new branches can be added at this time.

Connection Moves

Outlines responsibility for costs related to moving a REAL Program connection.

Early Termination Liabilities

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2012, libraries will be required to assume early termination liability as ordinary premise circuit terms expire and are renewed as a condition of MOREnet connectivity.

E-rate Requirements

Explanation of requirements for securing E-rate discounts, and contact information for MOREnet's E-rate specialist.

First Year REAL Fee

Explanation of Member Fee charged to REAL Program Participants during their first year of Membership.

Funding Priority for REAL Program

Outlines priorities of the Missouri State Library in supporting REAL Program services.

Library Campus Connection

Clarification on REAL Program funded connections for a library campus.

Rejoining REAL Program

If a library or library system decides to terminate MOREnet Membership Services through the REAL Program they have the option to reapply for the REAL Program in the future.

Returning Branch Connection

If a library terminates a MOREnet managed connection to a branch library location, that branch location will no longer be eligible for a REAL Program funded connection.

Returning Main Connection

If a library or library system decides to terminate their MOREnet managed connection to the main library or administrative headquarters they have the option to reapply for the REAL Program subsidy.

Supported Connection Bandwidth

Outlines minimum and maximum bandwidth speeds supported by the REAL Program.

Technology Planning

A Technology Plan is no longer required for Internet access as a part of the REAL program. However, a Technology Plan is still required to receive discounts on Priority 2 services (internal connections) under the E-rate program.

Windows for Requesting Connection Upgrades

Beginning FY12 the REALProgram will coordinate upgrade requests to more closely manage the REAL Program budget for telecommunications costs.  Libraries can submit upgrade requests during two announced periods.

Wireless Access at REAL Program Libraries

The Missouri State Library recognizes that wireless Internet access can be an important component of a library’s public services. Responsible management of wireless networks ensures the safety and reliability of the library’s technical infrastructure, bandwidth usage, and the integrity of Internet use by the public. Additionally, guidance by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD), who administers the federal E-rate program, prohibits wireless access outside an organization’s property line.