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Why? Because I Said So!

Security is hard, right? So many restrictions! Passwords, MFA, content filtering, app restrictions, screen lock outs, etc. Why do I need to have...

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Will You Be Mine?

Valentine's Day is a time for romance. Many will celebrate with exquisite dinners and gifts. Others prefer a simpler way to express their...

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Prep Step for High School Exploring Occupations 

Are you curious about what types of jobs exist in the world? The Explore Occupations area provides a wide...

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Summit Technology Academy Wins 2024 Missouri High School Cybersecurity Challenge

High school teams from across Missouri competed in-person for the finals of the 2024 Missouri High School Cybersecurity Challenge, a cybersecurity competition hosted...

Threat Management

Cyber Sentry: Tracing the Evolution of Cyber Defenses

The term 'cybersecurity' has become a part of our everyday vernacular. Cybersecurity refers to frameworks, tools and practices to keep technology systems and...

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Google's AI Chatbot, called Bard, gets major updates

Google makes some big upgrades worth looking at to its AI chatbot, Bard.

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How to Meet and Maintain Your Cyber Risk Insurance Requirements

Cyber attacks can be detrimental to an organization if not proactively addressed. Attacks can be disruptive and costly. There is a chance of...

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Opportunity for K-12 Students to Learn Artificial Intelligence

This is an opportunity for K-12 educators to learn and teach Artificial Intelligence

Missouri High School Cybersecurity Challenge 2024

Missouri Students Practice Computer Science Skills in Annual High School Cybersecurity Challenge

The Missouri High School Cybersecurity Challenge is an annual event hosted by MOREnet that provides high school students the opportunity to explore...

Data Privacy Date - January 28!

This year’s theme is “Take Control of Your Data”!  One of the areas that is overlooked is deleting data no longer required to...

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Cybersecurity Frameworks-One Size Fits All?

A cybersecurity framework can assist with cybersecurity risk management by establishing a set of guidelines, standards and best practices. The purpose of describing...

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Supercharge Your Lessons with SMART Notebook Ready-Made Items: Time-Saving Tips for Busy Teachers 

As educators, you know the struggle: juggling lesson planning, engaging students, and staying organized can feel like a never-ending tightrope walk. But what...

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Is the Internet Stalking You?

Having Internet resources readily available 24/7/365 has become a way of life. We use social media to keep up with family, friends, and...

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Got New Toys?

Did the holiday season gift you with new tech gadgets? How fun! Upgrading technology is always fun but can also be challenging in...

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New Year, New Shield

As we close out this year and enter into 2024 we tend to make resolutions. This is an opportunity to set intentions for...