DNS Hosting

We will configure and host your website settings.

DNS Registration

Assign a domain name to your organization.


Our E-rate experts provide training and are available to answer questions.

E-rate Documents and Statistics

Children’s Internet Protection Act Form 479: Every year around January MOREnet will send appropriate member contacts an electronic request for the Form 479...

E-rate Support Material

The E-rate Training Videos page has recorded training from our experts on how to complete the E-rate documentation.

Employee and End-User Security and Education

Raise awareness about cyber security best practices.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is a system that records and stores endpoint-system-level behaviors, uses various data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system...


Four different bundle options to develop your cyber-defense strategy.

For Fee Online Resources

Discounted online resources to supplement your library.


Available to members with a Full Membership Service package. FortiGuard services bundles are specifically designed to address some of the components involved with...

Good Net Neighbor

Cyber security on your MOREnet router, included with your internet connection.

Included Online Resources with MSP

EBSCO, LearningExpress Library and HeritageQuest are included in every MSP.

Infosec IQ

MOREnet’s new cybersecurity awareness training and phishing simulation solution.

Internet Connection

Full, committed bandwidth, router support, technical support and more.