Trainer Profiles

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Meet the Professional Development Team

MOREnet's team that plans and offers technical training has a combined 75 years of experience with integrating technology into classrooms. We have earned both SMART Technologies Certification as well as Google Certification. For more information about the classes offered by this team, visit the training schedule or email

John Riley

John is a passionate educator with over 25 years of educational experience. He started off as a classroom teacher but was quickly tapped as computer support, network support and then server support. Fifteen years ago, he brought his passion for making the most of technology in education to MOREnet. He approaches challenges from both the technical and teacher perspectives. His favorite courses to teach are Windows servers, iPads and Chromebooks. He is both SMART and Google certified and has presented on these topics across the state and nationally.

Bob Martin

Bob is certified in SMART, Google, Adobe and Network + and implements a wide range of professional development opportunities for schools and libraries across the state. His most requested courses are mobile device selection, management and app usage. He can lead educators through blended learning as well as Google Apps for Education, Coding, Robotics and others. His teaching perspective in the classroom draws on the breadth and depth of his varied work environments such as a corporate trainer and entrepreneur. When he's not leading workshops for educators, he's leading fitness groups in Columbia such as a couch to half marathon group as well as a spin class.

Joey Bryan

Joey Bryan joined our team in May of 2016. Prior to that, he spent the last 10 years as a professional educator in secondary public schools as well as serving as a professor at a local community college. Throughout his career, he has integrated 21st century technology into each of his courses and embraces technology as part of the student-centered learning transition. He has administered training workshops to improve their comfort level using various technologies as instructional tools. He has developed online and hybrid courses to introduce non-traditional course options. He's served in various roles including strategic planning teams as well as on planning councils for professional development, leadership and business management. His passion is preparing students for life after high school.

Patti Jones

As a long-time MOREnet member, Patti has joined the MOREnet team as a technical integration specialist.  She has been in the classroom as well as finishing her career in the K-12 environment as a tech director. People have relied on her expertise for years regaring Google Administration, 1:1 initiatives and user-friendly security initiatives. 

Andy King

Andy has a bachelors in elementary education, a masters in educational technology and is working on his PhD in learning technologies. Prior to training for MOREnet, he was an assistant professor at the University of Central Missouri where he taught technology integration in the classroom and social studies methods. He also has experience as a fourth-grade teacher and a coach. Andy has recently shifted roles to be our Ed Tech Product Development Manager, where he focuses on designing and developing training, products and services that are focused on creating the culture of student-centered learning and utilizing technology to empower educators.

SMART Certified Trainers

All MOREnet's trainers are SMART Technologies Certified Trainers for SMART Notebook 11 software on Windows operating systems.

Google Certified Trainers

All our trainers are Google Certified Trainers for Google Apps for Education.