ChatGPT and a Dozen (or so) things you can do with it.

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Obviously ChatGPT has been taking the media by storm and we aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Do we use it or not? Is it bad or good? Is it going to be the “future” and serve as the cornerstone of everything we do, or will it follow in the same footsteps as most novel technologies: a huge interest followed by a surge in use with a marked decline in investment as the technology becomes ingrained in our daily lives?

Well, we must wrap our brains around this because it likely isn’t going to disappear and teachers and educators are some of the main folks who will need to figure out what to do with this. So, for all my teachers and educators out there, what I’ve done is compile a short list of things you could use ChatGPT for. I hope this will save you time and headache!

1.  Use it to create Script for podcasts and videos.

2.  Help with Admin related tasks- grading, making supply lists, emails, parent-teacher communication.

3.  Helping grade formative assessments.

4. You can use it to increase digital literacy through AI challenges. This is a site from the Iowa AI webinar. It has AI challenges and projects.

5. Recommending next steps for students; presenting and differing feedback; custom directions for students who need extra help.

6. Creating Study guides.

7. Rubrics, Scope & Sequence

8. Creating policy for syllabi.

9. Lesson planning assistant (creating multiple choice prompts).

10. Use it to create art, and then have students examine it to determine real art vs ai generated art.

11. Generating counter arguments in a philosophy or debate class.

12. Think-pair-share.

13. Creating business proposals.

14. You could use it as a Search engine.