Combine Assessments and Pay Only One Travel Fee

Combine Assessments and Pay Only One Travel Fee

Summer is a great time to assess your technology infrastructure and make certain it is working to the best of its abilities. The network and cyber security assessments and verbal recommendations are available with your Full Membership Service Package; you are only responsible for the flat-rate travel fee for each of our consultants and any associated written report costs.

Network Assessments

Our network consultants can help you prevent costly and time-consuming service calls by helping you better understand your network. By using our experts to design, troubleshoot and expand your network, you could potentially increase productivity by eliminating lost data and downtime.

Cyber Security Assessments

The assessment is performed with an on-site visit and completion of a security questionnaire. Our team looks for weaknesses in your security posture that could pose a risk if not addressed.

Combine your Cyber Security Assessment with a Network Assessment and pay just a single travel fee for both services with a Full Membership Service Package.

Wireless Surveys

Using our NetScout OptiView tool (formerly Fluke Network OptiView), our experts provide objective, independent suggestions of your wireless infrastructure based on facts. Recommendations are unbiased to any particular hardware or product, allowing you to decide what is best for your organization.

Priced well below the industry average, our technicians analyze your wireless needs and current configuration, enabling you to plan, design and purchase the equipment you prefer that meets your needs, independent from the survey. For those who prefer a written follow-up summary with findings and recommendations, we can provide a full report for an additional fee.

  • Wireless Survey: $895 per day per technician plus travel costs for each technician
  • Wireless Survey Written Report: An additional $895

Contact your Member Services Advisor or MOREnet Technical Support (800) 509-6673 or by email to to get your assessment(s) scheduled for this summer.