EBSCO Releasing a New Interface for Explora

Explora Interface changes coming soon graphic

During the week of July 18, 2022, EBSCO will release a new user experience for Explora, a search interface designed specifically for schools and public libraries.

You should not need to do anything to continue access to your Explora interfaces. Any Explora URLs on your website will automatically redirect to the new Explora interface. At some point the old Explora URLs will no longer function, but EBSCO has not provided an end of life on those URLs at this time.

The new user experience will be released for the following versions of Explora available to MOREnet members:

  • Explora Middle School
  • Explora Elementary School
  • Explora High School
  • Explora General Research

* Please note that the Explora Educator’s Edition will not migrate to the new Explora and will no longer be accessible through Explora. The professional education databases and resources from Explora Educator’s Edition will now be available through the current EBSCOhost interface. Your URL for Explora Educator Edition should automatically redirect to the alternate interface.

Current Explora Functionality Not Available Until Later Updates

The functionality below will not be included in the new Explora interface implemented later this month. The functionality is planned to be included in an upgrade later this year.

  • Full-text Translations: Users will be able to dynamically translate full-text articles into a language of their choice.
  • Text-to-speech: Users will be able to using text-to-speech to have Explora read full text articles out loud to them.

If this is critical functionality required by your school or library please email jeanne@more.net.

There are a number of planned changes for the EBSCO online resources to be implemented by the week of July 18. Below is a list of those changes with links to more information.

  • Consumer Health Complete new interface and content has already been implemented and announced in June
  • Explora new interface

What EBSCO resources are not changing by the week of July 18?

  • Read it
  • EBSCOhost databases searched through search.ebscohost.com
  • Science Reference Center
  • LearningExpress Library
  • Computer Skills Center
  • Resume and Cover Letter Builder
  • eBook Public Library Collection, eBook K-8 Collection and eBook High School Collection

Below are some additional resources while we work on getting training scheduled.

Please contact MOREnet Technical Support at help@more.net or (800) 509-6673 with any questions.

Please visit search.more.net for information on the online resources provided by EBSCO, ProQuest and Rosen Digital available to MOREnet members.