Third Party Resources

This is a list of available resources from non-MOREnet affiliated organizations.

Educational Resources

  • KidCitizen: Children interactively explore congress and civic engagement through historical primary sources.
  • Coding Chatbots: Python course for kids from CodeMonkey.
  • VideoAnt: Annotate videos.
  • Minecraft Education Edition: Fantastic resource available to Microsoft educators/learners; packaged lessons to bring gaming into the classroom but still focusing on learning.
  • Mozi: Very visual tool for aiding students in the evidence-based writing; also intuitive for the instructor to create the writing prompts.
  • MusicFirst: Learning management system for K-12 music education.
  • Mystery Science: Engaging science lessons with interactive quizzes to check comprehension.
  • Kapwing: An online video editor.

Technology Resources

  • Free Fortinet Essentials class: This course covers everything from initial configuration to VPNs and Web Filtering. The course is based on FortiOS 6.2, but most of the information applies to all version of FortiOS.