Google Meet Tips Part II

Google Meet logo

Share Your Screen: 

   – Utilize the screen-sharing feature to present documents, slides, or other content during the meeting. Be mindful of what you share and ensure you’re sharing the correct screen or application. 

Leverage the Chat Feature: 

   – The chat feature is useful for sharing links, taking notes, or asking questions without interrupting the speaker. You can also use it to send meeting agenda or important details. 

Record Meetings: 

   – If needed, you can record meetings for participants who couldn’t attend or for future reference. Ensure you inform participants that the meeting is being recorded. 

Set Up Breakout Rooms: 

   – For larger meetings or workshops, use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups for discussions or activities. 

Practice Good Meeting Etiquette: 

    – Be punctual and respectful of others’ time. Avoid multitasking, dress professionally, maintain good eye contact, and engage actively during the meeting.