Is There a Template For That?

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Need to create a policy? Write an Incident Response Plan? Craft a script for automation? You know you are not creating something new and different. Someone has already done this work. So why not look for a template to follow and modify in order to fit your needs?

Start with an outline of what you want to create. A search on the Internet will reveal multiple resources of templates. Find several and read through them in order to pull together parts that make sense for your organization. Make sure that these templates are not copyright protected and are publicly available for use. You can build your ‘Frankenstein’ by putting these bits and pieces together. Then review each section and compare with your outline to assure inclusion.

Other resources for templates include peer resources. If an organization similar to yours will share their materials you can use this as a framework. With the readily available chatbot resources, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist. Make sure to check for accuracy and relevence to what you are attempting to develop.


  • Create a starting point and kick-start the process
  • Cover topics not previously thought about
  • Save time


  • Oversight of customization for your organization
  • Creates a ‘check the box’ environment
  • Some details for your specific environment may be overlooked

Whatever resource you choose to use for a template it is important to verify that it fits the individual uniqueness of your organization. Don’t adopt someone else’s procedure without applying your own framework.