Akamai Secure Internet Access

Protect your users and patrons.


A four-point approach to tailor your wireless needs from equipment to a full managed solution.

Backup and Archiving

Be prepared to restore data in case of damage or loss.

Bandwidth Download Simulator

This is a download only simulation. No files are actually downloaded.


  • Average...

Canvas Support Packages

Canvas offers different support packages to fit an institution's specific needs. The following support packages are offered by Instructure. The Basic Support package...

Classroom Tools and Resources

Valuable tools and resources for classroom, communication, data integration and hardware discounts.


Helping you connect with end users and each other.

Connection Security

We monitor and respond quickly to cyber security related events.


Get your full, committed bandwidth and technical support.

Consortium Discounts

We leverage the buying power of the entire MOREnet Consortium to negotiate deep discounts directly from vendors on products and services that you...

Content Filtering

Web filtering to ensure CIPA compliance doesn’t have to be stressful.

Cybersecurity Assessment

On-site review of potential vulnerabilities and how to mitigate.

Data Privacy

As more components of our daily lives move online, schools and institutions are more reliant upon data, technology and online tools and resources to support...

Discussion Lists

Join email-based forums for up to 30 topics.