How do I join?
Contact Connie or log into your MyMOREnet  profile to complete the order form. Return the order form to OverDrive.
Do you have to be a MOREnet member to participate in the MOREnet Shared Collection with OverDrive?
What Student FTE is allowed for participation?
Schools with an FTE of 10,000 or less are eligible to participate in the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection. Schools with over 10,000 FTE can still benefit from the OverDrive rebate to receive additional content but will have their own collection.
Can an individual school participate?
Individual or multiple schools can choose to participate, or the entire school district can participate.
What if I am currently a MOREnet member but down the road my school cancels our membership?
Should a member need to leave the shared collection, Overdrive and that partner would negotiate a new contract. Any Advantage content owned by the migrating partner would be then moved to a new school/distric- based OverDrive collection. However, any content purchased as part of the shared collection would remain in the shared collection.
After I submit the application to participate in the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection, will I still need to sign an agreement with OverDrive?
To access OverDrive-hosted content a school needs to be a member of the MOREnet Consortium or have its own OverDrive contract.

Content and Accounts

Can I participate in the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection and purchase my own content that is separate from the overall shared collection?
How is content selected?
The collection, like most of OverDrive's shared collections across the country, is selected and curated by the OverDrive Content Specialist Librarians. You can meet them virtually at
What type of accounts would I have? Can we keep our own Advantage Account?
The Advantage Account is the account that a school uses to buy content for their own use. A Consortium account is provided for participation in this service.
How does OverDrive transition us from our current membership to the new MOREnet consortium? Will our current usernames and passwords still work?
OverDrive will authenticate at the school/district level, not the consortium. Existing partners most likely will be able to use their existing methods of authentication. This also is a good time to explore newer and more dynamic authentication methods and make changes, if necessary.
What are loan periods?
Two weeks. You can borrow up to three titles at a time and put holds on up to three titles at a time.


What reading app should our students use?
The preferred reading app is Sora. The MOREnet Shared Digital Collection is deployed on this platform.
Does the OverDrive platform support a recommendations feature?
The MOREnet Shared Digital Collection has been deployed on the Sora platform. At this time, the Sora platform does not support recommendations.
Who provides technical support and training?
Technical support and training are provided by OverDrive.

Contact Information

Who do I contact?
Sales and support is provided by OverDrive.
Schools that request to join the consortium or who are new to OverDrive should contact Connie Bowman at [email protected] or (309) 360-2871.
Existing OverDrive customers and shared collection customers can contact Liz Congdon at [email protected].
General questions about the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection can be addressed to Jeanne Sullivan at [email protected] or (573) 884-7646.