Behind the Chevron: Erin Grant

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Thoughts on Online Resources and Their Utilization From a MOREnet Staffer

As we begin a new decade, let’s continue the important conversation preparing students for their futures. Working at MOREnet, I have had a front row seat to the valuable resources that can assist any student wanting tools in their education toolbox — MOREnet’s Online Resources.

Every time one of our training integration specialists conducts a training on Online Resources access, many new fans are formed. All MOREnet members have access to online databases they can query for further information in a variety of formats, from summaries to ebooks. All of these sources are reputable and citable, giving students the ease of our digital age with the trusted sources required for education. This is a high value for both academia and public sector.

It’s incredibly important that we offer these research capabilities to our members so everyone has access beyond what they can dig up through Google or Wikipedia. Putting students and patrons on the right track and giving them access to more information can spark a desire to explore their interests and perhaps lead to future career paths. Our online resources also include access to practice tests for a variety of standardized tests! Using these tests can save money for parents, job seekers and mentors. In addition to the bundles that are included in membership, there are options that are available for our members to add if they would like.

Making sure that all the teachers, paras and librarians know how to access them and know how to help their students/patrons access them easily helps make sure we prepare them for whatever life can offer and is increasingly important to their futures.

Erin Grant is one part of the team in our Members Services division. She’s your contact for Microsoft Licensing and iboss needs, as well as a first-line contact for almost any other question or issue you may have. She has been with MOREnet for eight years and can be reached at