Nice Addition to Google Slides

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One of the things users have been asking for in Google Slides is the ability to insert audio. There are a few add ons that can do this, but native support always works better. Last week Google announced native support for audio in Google Slides. Here is how it works:

  • On any slide, go to Insert and choose Audio.
  • Choose an audio (MP3 works best) file from Drive, your desktop, etc. and click Insert.
  • An icon appears on the slide indicating it has audio.
  • Once the icon is on the slide, select it, and then in the menu options bar, choose Format Options (right above the slide).
  • A side panel will pop open. Choose the first selection, “Audio.”
    • Your options are:
      • Start playing automatically or on click.
      • Adjust volume of playback.
      • Hide icon during playback.
      • Loop Audio
      • Stop on Slide Change
    • If you want the audio to play across all slides for the duration of the show:
      • Playback set to automatic.
      • Uncheck Stop on Slide Change.
      • If your audio clip is shorter than your slide timing is, just choose Loop Audio.

In all, this is an easy addition to work with and gives users a long-requested tool in Google Slides!