Octopus Insights by Octobus BI

Octopus Insights, powered by Octopus BI, helps educators and parents gain immediate insights into student performance and engagement directly within their existing Canvas LMS interface by turning data-rich Canvas into actionable insights, along with AI to support a data-informed learning culture. With Octopus Insights, now your faculty, students, parents and administrators can quickly identify which students need the most help.

Leveraging Octopus Insights’ AI solution to read your data in real time; you can see student performance and engagement in a quadrant view that allows for even more personalized interactions and learning supports.

  • See dashboard directly in Canvas LMS
  • Visualize engagement and performance data
  • Dashboard for single student view and whole class
  • Fast, actionable insight for parents, teachers and leaders

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For pricing, see MyMOREnet