E-rate Assistance

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For E-rate assistance please email erate@more.net or contact:

Chris S. Schneider
State E-rate Coordinator
(573) 882-8429, Fax (573) 884-8917


Matt Goans, MBA
Senior Finance & Accounting Analyst
(573) 882-8453, Fax (573) 884-8917

Find out how we help you get the most out of E-rate!

Each year MOREnet seeks E-rate discounts on Internet access and other services on behalf of eligible MOREnet members. The Universal Service Fund for Schools and Libraries, also known as the E-rate Program, has traditionally provided discounts on telecommunication services, Internet access and internal connections for all public and private schools and libraries. In 2014, some enhancements to the program were made include wireless access points, routers and other equipment for to deploy a robust Wi-Fi for educational technology. The Universal Service Program is administered by the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD).

E-rate provides discounts of 20-90 percent on the cost of eligible services. Discounts are based on the number of students eligible for the National Free and Reduced Lunch Program and the location of the organization (rural or urban).

LOOK HERE! E-rate Instructions!

LOOK HERE! What is required successfully to file for 2018-2019 E-rate funding? Some things are the same, but some are very different using the new required USAC EPC portal. Please reference each category below for details regarding 1) what is required of MOREnet members with a circuit connection, 2) what is required by ALL public K-12 school districts and 3) how to file for E-rate funding.

All MOREnet members with a MOREnet-provided circuit connection receive E-rate funding for that connection through the MOREnet consortium application. To do so, MOREnet is required to collect the Form 479 annually and the Letter of Agency every three years.

  1. Form 479: Click to access the form. Enter your contact information, select option "a" only, sign, date and fax completed form to MOREnet at (573) 884-8917.
  2. Letter of Agency: This is required for the 2018-2019 funding year. Click to access the form template, print on organization letterhead, sign, date and fax completed form to MOREnet at (573)-884-8917.
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Student count and the urban or rural status of public K-12 school districts is the basis of the E-rate discount for the district, for the public library in your district and for the consortium application the district and/or library has membership. New this year is the filing requirement in EPC that ONLY the public K-12 district has the authority to enter this data. This literally means library and consortia applicants cannot file for E-rate until the school district logs into EPC and updates their data, even if the school district itself is not going to file for E-rate funding.

K-12 Districts: Please update your data in EPC. Below are how to webinar recordings.

  1. EPC First Time Login
  2. EPC Manage Entities 471 part 1
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E-rate funding requires a competitive bidding and application process to be filed in the new USAC E-rate Productivity Center (EPC). Listed below are some recorded webinars designed to help you be successful with the 2016-2017 E-rate application process.

  1. Competitive bid Form 470 must be filed no later than 10:59 p.m., April 14, 2017.
    1. EPC First Time Login
    2. EPC Form 470
  2. Application Form 471 must be filed no later than 10:59 p.m., May 11, 2017.
    1. EPC Contract Module 471 part 2
    2. EPC Manage Entities 471 part 1
    3. EPC Form 471

Upcoming E-rate Training and Web Seminars