iboss Network Security engineers highly scalable Web security solutions providing layer 7 defense across HTTP, SSL, threat and applications securing mobile devices on or off network. iboss enables MOREnet member organizations to safely adapt social media, SaaS and mobile devices while expanding access to technology.

Advanced Social Media Control: Facebook control (block posting, games, etc.), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google (25 specific controls, block Google drive by group) and more.

Intelligent Bandwidth Management with QoS and Live Dashboards: Shape traffic by web category, domain, IP, port, OU, subnet and more. Binds with directory services for granular throttling. Live bandwidth dashboard shows each identified service graphed in real time.

Granular BYOD Management with QoS: Directory integration, bandwidth throttling and QoS and high risk user quarantine.

Network Health Monitoring Dashboards: Monitor network dashboards easily and efficiently from one console.

Mobile Device Filtering: Includes Cloud-based content filtering for Windows, MAC, IOS/Android devices with web activity reporting.

MOREnet members enjoy a discount of iboss services through a special consortium contract rate. For information, service orders and renewals, contact MOREnet Technical Support at (573) 884-7200 or email help@more.net, or log in to MyMOREnet for service pricing and more information.


MOREnet members both connected and non-connected are eligible for the iboss Internet Content Filtering service at the MOREnet discounted rate.

Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • Additional iboss terms and conditions will apply.
  • Member is responsible for determining the categories and individual websites that are allowed or blocked.
  • MOREnet is not responsible for local decisions regarding filtering block or allow configurations.
  • This service is provided with the understanding that no filter is perfect in blocking all Internet sites that are in conflict with federal law.
  • The provision of this service and an organization's voluntary use of this service are good-faith efforts to meet the requirements of federal laws.
  • MOREnet is not liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from any use of this service or any outage, planned or unplanned, of this service.