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The Online Resources contain a variety of full-text magazines, newspapers and journals and reference materials to support the education and research needs of Missouri citizens. This information is from reliable sources that provide accurate information.

  • Find help for a school project.
  • Research a new purchase in Consumer Reports in EBSCO.
  • Study for the ACT, SAT, ASVAB and many other academic or professional exams in LearningExpress Library.
  • Enjoy fiction, non fiction and a variety of of reading materials with EBSCO's eBooks collection.
  • Explore your genealogy with HeritageQuest online research.

Explore all the Online Research Resources at

The online resources of EBSCO, Heritage Quest and Learning Express Library are included with Full and Basic Service Membership. MOREnet works with online resource providers to offer additional resources to our members at reduced prices.

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The EBSCO, Heritage Quest and LearningExpress resources are available to MOREnet Members at the Full Service or Basic Service membership package level.

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  • LearningExpress: Remote access by registered/authorized staff, students and patrons is permitted. Users can setup an account through remote access methods or on-site. Once an account is created it can be used at any outside location.