Skill Struck

Teaching K–12 computer science is easy and effective with Skill Struck’s engaging, online platform that meets students where they are ready to learn — no prior coding experience necessary!

  • Flexible Learning: Skill Struck supports in-person, blended and remote learning.
  • Industry Standard Curriculum: Skill Struck is meeting the forefront of industry needs with its rigorous curriculum in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python.
  • Autograder: Keep students on track and feeds their progress into your teacher dashboard. With the autograder, teachers can spend more time working with students and less time grading and debugging code.
  • K-12 Alignment: Because students learn at different paces, Skill Struck makes sure the students can guide the pace of activities and games, and the autograder supports self-sufficient students.
  • 1500+ Activities: Keep students engaged with an endless supply of games, puzzles, assignments and quizzes. Students can explore both block- and syntax-based coding and learn at their own pace while staying engaged.
  • Pre-Made Lesson Plans: For teachers who are overwhelmed by the prospect of teaching computer science for the first time, or just short on time, lesson plans are standards-aligned for every grade level.

For more information visit Skill Struck’s website; to see pricing and begin the ordering process, go to MyMOREnet.

For pricing, see MyMOREnet