Zoom mobile videoconferencing enables you to quickly and easily remote one student or a classroom of students into a class lecture or a distance learning plan. Zoom is supported on all major desktop operating systems and both iOS and Android. You can manage the session with ease and record everything for future use or to upload to your Learning Management System.

A Zoom account is only needed for the meeting/class host and up to 300 participants can join at a time. Zoom accounts are available and included with your Full MSP so you can set up an account at no additional cost to your school. Members with a Basic MSP can purchase licenses at a discounted rate.

We also offer a Managed Zoom Classroom that enables you to support ITV classrooms by providing the ability to automatically join and leave scheduled classes with no user interaction. As your legacy videoconference hardware reaches end of life, our subscription package includes both new hardware and software management, while enabling you to reduce overall costs.

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