About Us


MOREnet serves our member organizations as a trused partner. We explore and provide technology solutions that enable innovation and opportunity, created a higher quality of life for all Missourians.


MOREnet will actively research emerging techologies and drive the innovative application of connectivity and information technology for the benefit of our consortium members and those whom they serve.

Who We Are

Organized as a membership consortium in 1991, the Missouri Research and Education Network (MOREnet) operates as a department within the University of Missouri System.

In addition to managing and maintaining a robust and secure fiber network infrastructure, MOREnet provides its members with technical services including cybersecurity, network consulting, technical support, videoconferencing, training and hosted and managed applications, as well as access to a number of online resources. As a nonprofit technology partner with more than 30 years of regional networking and information technology experience, MOREnet ensures consistent quality and cost-effective solutions for member organizations throughout the state.

Who We Serve

In addition to over 730 members, more than 450 organizations are connected to the MOREnet network.

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Over 55 public and independent higher education institutions.

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Over 475 public and private K-12 schools.

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Over 120 public libraries.

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Over 60 state/local government, health care and nonprofit entities.

What We Do

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Internet connectivity was the first service we offered, and it is still offered today. In addition, we offer DNS hosting and registration, E-rate filing assistance and WAN connectivity options to help with infrastructure needs.


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Our cybersecurity team provides multiple layers of security to keep your network running at peak capacity. Our multi-layered approach includes threat monitoring and incident support, along with cybersecurity consulting, training and alerts.


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Network Solutions

Our network team works hard to ensure your network stays up and running smoothly. From backup and archiving, consulting support, troubleshooting, firewall implementation and more, our technical experts keep your network running at peak efficiency.


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Tools and Resources

As nice as technology is for communicating and gathering information, navigating the infrastructure of the IoT effectively can be overwhelming. We assist our members with online research and training resources, interoperable data solutions and educational resources.


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Professional Development

Professional development is critical to keep up with the fast-paced, ever-changing world we work in. We have a team of dedicated trainers who deliver the most up-to-date training possible through a variety of methods including on-site, in-house, at conferences and online.


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