High-speed, low-latency networks like ours play a pivotal role in research, giving instant access to large datasets and massive compute facilities, access to real-time data and process streams, visualization, collaboration and remote access to instruments. Prior to MOREnet, researchers physically moved a hard drive from point A to point B. Today, we operate a high-capacity network designed to meet the unique requirements of researchers to enable them to share data through transport.

Network Capacity

Our 100-Gbps-capacity network gives our members access to Internet2 and can support mass observations from 800 connected sites in the MOREnet community; including K-12 human observers and library patrons, as well as sensor packages.

Data Troubleshooting

Our network engineers use perfSONAR to troubleshoot data throughput issues when researchers encounter a problem sharing large datasets through the network.

Human Network

In addition to our high-quality data network, you can also count on our exceptional, established human network. We partner with Great Plains Network, Internet2, peer networks and peer institutions to ensure researchers that their findings are shared as needed.