Service Changes to Zoom:

Beginning in fiscal year 2025 (July 2024), your Zoom licensing renewal will be completed through a local Missouri reseller, one you likely work with already. This means MOREnet will no longer provide or service your Zoom accounts as of July 1.

To aid in the transition, we are offering webinars to connect you directly with the Zoom team. During each session, Zoom representatives will address the specific process your fiscal year 2025 renewal will follow, should you choose to continue with Zoom services. This process will include working directly with a Zoom representative to confirm your license renewal needs, whether that’s continuing with Pro accounts or utilizing Zoom’s free basic option, as well as identifying and connecting you with your preferred reseller to fulfill the renewal order before July 1.

For K-12 and higher education, please select one of the following two dates:

  • March 19, 3:30 p.m.
  • March 27, 11:30 a.m.

For libraries and nonprofit organizations, please join the April 3 webinar at noon, as your process and pricing will be different than the education accounts.

Register for a webinar at https://carahevents.carahsoft.com/Event/Details/453344-MOREnet.

Zoom mobile videoconferencing enables you to quickly and easily remote one student or a classroom of students into a class lecture or a distance learning plan. Zoom is supported on all major desktop operating systems and both iOS and Android. You can manage the session with ease and record everything for future use or to upload to your Learning Management System.

A Zoom account is only needed for the meeting/class host and up to 300 participants can join at a time. Also included with Zoom Pro:

We also offer a Managed Zoom Classroom that enables you to support ITV classrooms by providing the ability to automatically join and leave scheduled classes with no user interaction. As your legacy videoconference hardware reaches end of life, our subscription package includes both new hardware and software management, while enabling you to reduce overall costs.

For pricing, see MyMOREnet