AI powered websites/tools

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There are no shortage of websites and tools powered by A.I. However, now all resources are created equal. Here are 2 resources that I’ve been using lately that are wonderful.


This website is basically an all-in-one teacher toolbox. It has all sorts of tools that allow you to address the specific needs that might arise in your classroom. If you need jokes, there’s a specific prompt. If you need rubrics, there’s a prompt. If you need a text-leveled, assignments created, or content automatically aligned to standards- there’s a tool for that. There’s a chatbot assistant there to help you refine outputs, and their data is secure and FERPA compliant.


This website, Diffit, is really straightforward. If you’re trying to get a list of resources, activities, and a rubric that is grade level- with only 2 prompts you can instantly have results. Just type in what you’re trying to find resources on and select the grade level you want resources for- and you’re all set.