Google Arts and Culture for History Part Two

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Google Arts and Culture is a platform that offers various ways to explore and engage with history. It provides a wealth of resources, including high-resolution images, virtual tours, and curated content from museums and historical institutions worldwide.  This is the second of our three-part series on this great tool!

Historical Exhibitions: Discover online exhibitions curated by museums and institutions. These exhibitions often focus on specific historical events, figures, or themes, providing in-depth insights and visual representations. 

Historical Artifacts and Artworks in 3D: Some collections offer 3D models of historical artifacts and artworks. You can zoom in and explore these objects from all angles, which can be particularly useful for studying historical artifacts in detail. 

Historical Figures and Personalities: Explore profiles and collections related to historical figures and personalities. You can learn about their lives, achievements, and impact on history through images and articles. 

Art and History Lessons: Google Arts and Culture also provides educational content suitable for students and educators. It offers interactive lessons on historical events, art movements, and cultural topics. 

To access this great resource, point a browser to