Google Arts and Culture for History Part Three

Google Arts & Culture logo

Google Arts and Culture is a platform that offers various ways to explore and engage with history. It provides a wealth of resources, including high-resolution images, virtual tours, and curated content from museums and historical institutions worldwide.  This is the final installment of our three-part series on this topic.

Augmented Reality Experiences: Some features in the Google Arts and Culture app allow you to use augmented reality (AR) to bring historical artifacts and artworks into your physical environment, enabling a more immersive experience. 

Google Street View for Historical Sites: In collaboration with Google Maps, Google Arts and Culture offers virtual tours of historical sites and landmarks. You can explore ancient ruins, historical architecture, and famous monuments without leaving your home. 

Curated Stories: Discover curated stories that dive deep into specific historical topics, events, or figures. These stories combine images, videos, and articles to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.