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Blocksi, a Google for Education partner, is dedicated to providing an innovative and powerful all-in-one cloud-based multi-OS content filtering and classroom screen monitoring system with student safety alerts and prevention.

Content Filtering

  • Cloud-based, multi-OS granular filtering options for both web and YouTube content
  • Student penalty box with individual filtering policies
  • Blocksi retains one full calendar year of all data and analytics
  • Optional parent and delegate dashboards
  • Device management for Chromebooks including tracking lost/stolen devices

Classroom Monitoring

  • Administrators can view student screens, lock students into a secure test taking environment or into multiple LMS web applications.
  • AI plagiarism detection
  • Livestream and screen sharing capabilities
  • Substitute teacher option, along with ability to add up to three co-teachers for monitoring purposes
  • Can roster classes with Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink or Canvas

Student Safety

  • Concentrated on four areas of concern which are self-harm, cyberbullying, threats and toxicity
  • In-house AI scanning all of G Suite with a 24/7/365 human review team along with a customized alerting system for multiple recipients

Blocksi Webinar – Oct. 18, 2023

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