Career Inventory

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Unlock Student Potential with Prep Step: Uncovering Career Dreams with the Interest Inventory

Hey counselors! Are you ready to empower your students and guide them towards fulfilling careers? Look no further than Prep Step for High School’s Career Preparation section, featuring the Interest Inventory tool!

This powerful resource unlocks a world of possibilities by helping students discover their perfect career match based on their unique interests. Let’s delve into how you can utilize this amazing tool effectively:

1. Navigate the Path:

  • From the Prep Step homepage, access the Job and Career Accelerator tile.
  • Click on Find a Career Match and choose the Interest Matcher option.

2. Personalize the Journey:

  • Set the Default Preparation Level based on the student’s current career readiness (e.g., high school student, recent graduate). This tailors the experience to their level of work experience.

3. Spark Exploration with Engaging Questions:

  • Guide students through the 60 engaging questions designed to uncover their deepest career aspirations. Encourage them to answer thoughtfully and submit their responses upon completion.

4. Dive into Personalized Results:

  • The screen displays percentage matches for each career category. Encourage students to click on any category to understand their appeal and gain valuable insights.

5. Match Made in Prep Step Heaven:

  • Click View Matches to unveil a list of careers aligned with their interests, including both Primary Matches (highly aligned) and Secondary Matches (similar interests). Explore these options together!

6. Deep Dive into Career Paths:

  • Clicking on a specific career suggestion unlocks a detailed Job Card. This treasure trove of information includes:
    • Wages by state
    • Required skills and training
    • Related occupations
    • And much more!

7. Empower Future Action:

  • Encourage students to Save Cards for future reference, allowing them to easily revisit potential career paths for further exploration.

Remember: You’re not just guiding students; you’re igniting their passions and building a bridge to their dream careers. Together, with Prep Step as your tool, you can make a real difference!

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to explore the Skills Matcher option – another valuable tool for aligning student skills with potential careers.

By incorporating Prep Step’s Career Preparation section into your counseling toolkit, you empower your students to make informed career choices and embark on a journey towards fulfilling their dreams. Happy guiding!