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Web browsers are fundamental tools for navigating the Internet for information and resources. It’s important to understand the security components of the browser you are using. Browser security is an essential layer of protection against cyber attacks. Privacy and security are two important factors to consider. A secure browser should prevent access to websites and pop-ups that are considered unsafe. It should display a message of warning, allowing the user to continue or back away. Always keep your web browser up-to-date as this likely contains fixes for previous versions.
Many browsers collect cookies in order to provide a better user experience.

Consider this when evaluating secure browsers:

  • Use of secure encryption tools. Forcing HTTPS over HTTP.
  • Read the Privacy policy. What data is collected and what do they do with it?
  • Malware protection. Can the browser detect unsecure sites and phishing risks?
  • Ease of use. A browser should have good performance and not be difficult to configure.
  • Compatibility. If you are in an environment with a variety of operating systems, will this browser work on all platforms?

There are many private browsers available as well. Many are free and some have associated costs. A private browser can hide your Internet activity from anyone that uses the same device. Private browsers will block trackers and remove browsing history and cookies once the session is closed. Private browsing is not a substitution for secure browsing. Privacy is controlling how your personal information is used and accessed and security is how you protect this data. Use of a private browser will not necessarily prevent the user from downloading a virus or protection from an intruder gaining control of your device.

Although you can never be 100% private or secure on the Internet, other defensive layers are crucial to an overall cybersecurity posture. This includes end user education, device protection and anti-virus. A secure web browser should have a mix of security and privacy.

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