Cybersecurity: Protect Yourself Online

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As a society, we are more reliant on the Internet than ever before. We use it to connect with people, connect with fun facts and trivia and to connect to our vital information such as bank accounts, grades, and health records. By raising awareness about cyber security best practices, we further enable each of us to better protect our important information and systems.

Public Education

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In a partnership with local libraries and regional PTA organizations, we have cybersecurity sessions to help parents and educators keep their children safe online. Watch or email to request one for your own staff or patrons.

Free Phishing Resources
Cofense PhishMe offers FREE cyber security awareness resources to positively impact the security posture of your organization. In addition to Cofense PhishMe Free, a phishing and security awareness solution, they also offer Cofense CBFree, a high-quality, computer-based training for everyone. Check them out!

Screen Savers
Screen savers are an inexpensive, yet effective way to share messages on your computers and mobile devices. Download our free screen savers to help remind your patrons and students of the importance of data privacy as well as keeping personal information safe online.

Cyber Security Bookmarks
Let us help you educate your users. You can find the bookmarks at MOREnet Security events or online.

Partner Education

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Consortium Discounted Phishing Protection

Just found out that my MOREnet membership saved me over 85% off the cost of our PhishMe licenses. That's a HUGE savings! Dan Hedgpath, Fulton 58

Cofense PhishMe is a Phishing defense service that creates targeted phishing simulation campaigns by sending out fake phishing emails to your users. Cofense tracks the users who open the email and the users who click on the links in the email. A report is generated for you and if you choose, you can direct users to free phishing educational content provided by Cofense, on your learning management system.

For detailed information on Cofense PhishMe, including how it can assist your organization, visit our services webpage.

Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention

Identity Theft Resource Center
OnGuard Online
Identity Theft IQ Test
Free Annual Credit Report
Online Identity Risk Calculator

Educational Resources Kids and Teens

FBI – Kids Safety
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Parental Control Tools

Action Alert
K9 Web Protection


Anti-Phishing Working Group
SonicWALL Phishing IQ Test

Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying and Reputation

Digital Citizenship
Stop Cyberbullying Before It Starts PDF Download
Cyberbullying Research Center
Stop Bullying Now
National Bullying Prevention Center
Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup

Social Networking

List of social networking sites
Staying Safe on Social Networking Sites
Social Networking Sites: Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens
Parent Guides

Infrastructure Protection

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Our Cybersecurity team is dedicated to assisting with security incident response as part of your MOREnet connection. Our experts also provide security consulting, training, news updates and alerts for those that subscribe to a membership service package.

  • Threat monitoring and mitigation

    We monitor your connection and will respond quickly to security related events such as DDoS attacks. In the event of malware or other incidents, our team of experts can guide you through a resolution.

  • Blocking of Known and Anticipated Malware Sites

    This service identifies and blocks malicious websites, preventing costly clean up.

  • Good Net Neighbor

    GNN blocks the ports most commonly used by malware, scanning and spam.

To schedule a security assessment, which focuses on best practices for education and public sector organizations, please contact MOREnet Security at The same team can offer advice on servers and infrastructure.