Gaggle Premium Email Archiving

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With Gaggle’s email archiving, subscribers can archive email for their organizations simply, securely and inexpensively. You can archive email from cloud services like Google, or live@edu accounts or if you host your email locally. Subscribers can archive their email without the complexity and expense of managing and maintaining servers and hardware. The service’s architecture allows organizations to archive their email on Gaggle’s managed servers.

  • Simple, web admin interface
  • Set different levels of roles to access data
  • Select different retention periods
  • Administrators can pull their own data and set litigation holds
  • Integrates with all major email server platforms
  • Disaster recovery for Gaggle subscribers is available in the event of a failed customer email server
  • Local admin training provided by Gaggle at no additional cost
  • Web training available to users within the user interface
  • 10GB/user limit on storage, includes archives of GoogleApps, email, other services

For pricing, see MyMOREnet