Gaggle Safety Management

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Gaggle helps ensure the safety of students by combining machine learning technology with real people who review questionable or suspicious content in email, online file storage, links, attachments and other tools. Safety Management is offered for both Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365.

Gaggle Safety Management provides behind-the-scenes content and image filtering via a Gaggle Student Safety Representative reviewing questionable content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All inbound and outbound email is routed through Gaggle filters. For calendars and documents, when a file or event is changed, the new changes are routed through the filters. Even links in content and messages are filtered and monitored.

Gaggle also provides real-time imagine analysis that detects pornography and inappropriate images. This helps protect against content that you are required to provide by the Children’s Internet Protection Act helping you stay compliant with your Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Improves the safety of students by having a trained team review student content 24/7.
  • Detects issues early, alerting school district officials at any hour if a threat is imminent, allowing educators and parents to intervene positively.
  • Allows administrators and law enforcement to review communications that could threaten student health, safety or well-being.
  • Contacts local law enforcement if the situation is dangerous and all school district contacts are unreachable.
  • Reports all child pornography incidents and any sexually suggestive messages related to the potential exploitation of children to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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