Missouri OER Hub

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MOREnet, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, has developed the Missouri Open Educational Resources Commons (OER) Hub for Missouri educators at all levels. The content on the hub offers a wide selection of resources that include full courses, course materials, modules, videos, tests and other tools and techniques. These resources are intended to fit with the current work and initiatives happening in schools, providing a space to share resources and ideas.

In addition to curriculum, you will find OER awareness, resources, support and training. Join us on the Hub as we curate and create quality open educational resources that are aligned specifically to Missouri learning standards.

This is a crowd-sourced project and relies on participation from the Missouri education community. We have started the curation process but work still needs to be done and you can contribute by developing OER resources or locating existing OER resources and adding them to the appropriate Group.

Helpful Hints

  • Use your district email when setting up an account.
  • Groups are a place for you to discuss and share OER resources; group members need to be approved, so be sure to use your district email for quick approval.
  • Collections are OER resources that have been vetted and approved by a DESE team.
  • Resources are added to Groups, vetted by a DESE team and then moved to the appropriate Collection.
  • Standards have recently been added to the hub, but current resources have not been aligned to standards yet; that is a work in progress.
  • Join as many groups as appropriate, though some groups may be invite only.
  • If you or your district are already active OER users and you have many resources that need to be uploaded, please contact us.
  • If you are going to be at the upcoming MOREnet Annual Conference, we will have a session introducing the Hub.
  • Watch the MOREnet training calendar for one-hour Zoom classes and three-hour in-person classes to learn more.