MOREnet Cybersecurity Challenge in National REN Publication

Cybersecurity Challenge winners

The Quilt is a national coalition of nonprofit regional research and Education Networks (RENs) representing 43 networks across the U.S.  As a member of the Quilt, MOREnet is part of the coalition that promotes consistent, reliable, efficient advanced networking services that extend to the broadest possible community and represent the common interests in the development and delivery of advanced cyber-infrastructure that enables innovation.


Why is it called The Quilt?  Just like the various fabric patches of a quilt highlight different colors, patterns and textures, each regional network reflects the diversity and unique qualities found in different parts of the country and the different institutions that particular network serves.  Yet, all regional patches must be stitched together seamlessly to serve a larger purpose and community.


In this year’s Quilt Circle magazine,  MOREnet’s annual High School Cybersecurity Challenge is featured on page 1.  Check it out here!

If you’d prefer to download the entire pdf, it can be found here.