Ethical Hacking?

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When we usually think of hacking, we think of someone sitting in a dark room with a hoodie on, furiously typing away as their computer light reflects off their face. A hacker is normally viewed as a villain- and that stereotype usually proves true. However, how does one catch a hacker? What can be done to stop them, or better yet, prevent yourself from ever getting hacked? has established a sandbox so that people can practice hacking with the hopes of learning how hackers think, what to expect from them, and how to detect suspicious artifacts, data, and links. Their sandbox (or range) is geared towards equipping teachers with the technology they need to teach computer science and providing students an opportunity to see how hacking actually works. This is what people refer to as “ethical hacking”. Hacking for the sake of helping someone out or learning how to stop a hacker. So maybe not all hackers are villains! For more information click here!