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Nanitor, a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) solution, provides comprehensive and prioritized security insights to all assets on the network and in the cloud.

You will be able to see all vulnerabilities, missing patches, identity issues, misconfigurations, cloud issues, software security issues and more in a single prioritized list. Each security issue flagged summarizes the rationale, links to patches/configurations and shows remediation steps.

No longer do you need multiple point security solutions, which require hours of manual analysis and correlation. Nanitor automatically discovers, analyses, prioritizes and reports on all security issues for every asset, focusing on the most exploitable security issues.

As a software as a service solution, there is no installation required, only the deployment of sensors to assets.

Along with special MOREnet member pricing, Nanitor provides a free trial, a recorded demonstration and an easy to schedule custom demo.

For pricing, see MyMOREnet