Netsweeper onGuard and LanSchool

Netsweeper monitoring a computer

In addition to Netsweeper as a content filtering solution, we are also happy to have consortium pricing directly through Netsweeper for additional online security and productivity options.


onGuard is Netsweeper’s premier student protection solution providing real-time, proactive digital safeguarding to schools and districts. All device activity is monitored by advanced AI technology, flagging potential risks to student safety and well-being such as self-harm, suicide and cyberbullying. Get the support you need through onGuard+ dedicated monitoring service. Designed to enhance your protection by adding an additional layer of security – you can focus on the students in your care, while Netsweeper’s team of highly skilled safeGuard Specialists monitor alerts and notify you should any potential threat arise, allowing you to take appropriate action. 

For more detailed information, download onGuard Brochure.


LanSchool offers comprehensive classroom management features to help teachers create meaningful classroom experiences on any device.  Popular features include:

  • Screen monitoring—Teachers can easily guide learning by viewing every student monitor – or switching to view individual screens.
  • Blank screen—With the touch of a button, educators can shift student attention by blanking screens and locking devices.
  • Push website—Instantly launch the same webpage on every device, making it simple for students to navigate to the correct URL.
  • Limit web—Help students focus by limiting access to approved websites and disabling internet access during tests and quizzes.
  • Messaging—Increase engagement by answering students’ individual questions — or by sending messages out to the entire class.
  • Share screen—Teachers can easily share their screens across all student devices, capturing attention and saving valuable time.

For more detailed information, download LanSchool Brochure.

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