Offsite DNS for Disaster Recovery

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If your DNS servers are down, it’s very difficult to provide internet services. Having an offsite DNS server can keep your internet services accessible during outages. As part of your disaster recovery plan, MOREnet can provide offsite DNS for your organization. DR planning is best done before bad weather, power outages or other unforeseen circumstances take your services off the internet. MOREnet can help you set up your domain registration to include one of MOREnet’s existing DNS servers as an additional DNS name server for your domain. Thereafter, MOREnet’s DNS servers will provide the additional offsite DNS resolution you may need during an outage.

As an added element of your disaster recovery plan, our SecondWeb service can provide an off-site emergency location for your web presence. Should your primary web server become unavailable due to weather, excessive power outages, spilled coffee or other unforeseen circumstances, it’s as simple as changing the DNS record to redirect traffic to the SecondWeb server until the original web server can be restored. SecondWeb is not a full-fledged replacement for your production website; rather, it is a lightweight, quick and easy-to-update off-site stand-in website intended to maintain your web presence during outages. Use it to keep your visitors informed of important information, status and/or contact information during an outage.

Contact your MOREnet Service Advisor for more information.