World Password Day-May the 4th Be With You

World Password Day graphic

How secure is your password? Is it long and strong? Is it unique for each site or app you log into? Well, if you could use a check-up on your password practices, World Password Day can provide you the reason to #LayerUp.

#LayerUp refers to the use of 2-factor/multi-factor authentication. By adding this additional protection to your login, you can ensure that you are taking additional precautions to safeguard your data. Compromised accounts, where a user’s credentials have been stolen, are responsible for over 80% of data breaches.

The first Thursday of May is celebrated as #WorldPasswordDay in an effort to promote better password habits. By strengthening your passwords and authentication methods you can better protect your digital assets.

Passwords were first created in 1961 when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) made it possible for multiple users to log into a shared computer. A security researcher, Mark Burnett, is credited with the creation of Password Day in the early 2000s. Then, Intel Security, took the initiative in 2013 to declare an annual #WorldPasswordDay as an encouragement for people to re-evaluate their password practices.

Take advantage of this day to take these steps to defend your information:

  • Use a passphrase. It’s easier to remember and harder to guess.
  • Enable 2FA/MFA when possible.
  • Use a password manager to keep track or create your passwords for various sites/apps.
  • Don’t use words that relate to personal information.
  • Limit the use of common dictionary words.

Can we look forward to a password-less society any time soon? The technology is not new, but not yet widely adopted. Maybe soon we will be celebrating a World Passwordless Day.