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OverDrive is a service that allows students to borrow digital content like ebooks and audiobooks.

For K-12 members that want to utilize OverDrive, we have developed the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection. This service enables the titles one district purchases to become available to all participating members. The shared collection grows as more members join!

You’ll have access to supplemental curriculum materials, study guides and, for teachers, professional development resources. OverDrive collections can also be filtered by grade level, and content specialists are available to help you select the best titles based on your specific needs.

Options for our members:

  • K-12 schools can join the shared digital collection, and their rebates will go toward the group shared collection.
  • K-12 schools can also choose to not join the shared digital collection and instead use the rebate to purchase additional titles for their district’s collection.

Title List for MOREnet Shared Digital Collection – This list will be updated periodically as new content is added. Updated April 12, 2024. Excel file; 1,093 KB

For pricing, ordering, and additional details please go to MyMOREnet and click the Pricing tab at the bottom. See the Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Pursuant to the funding provided by the Missouri State Library via the REAL Program, MOREnet offers an opportunity for our K-12 member schools to participate and access the OverDrive School Digital Library service, called the MOREnet Shared Digital Collection. This participation-based offering enables our member schools to opt-in by completing OverDrive’s fee-based participation form for access to the Shared Digital Collection. OverDrive collection specialists, following priorities set by the Missouri State Library along with guidance OverDrive receives from participating school representatives, are responsible for content curation and access control for the Shared Digital Collection; MOREnet does not review or select the content, nor do we make any choices about how collection content is used or made available to students, as this is the responsibility of the participating member school.

For pricing, see MyMOREnet