Service Policies

Designated Maintenance Window

MOREnet maintains a designated maintenance window every day, from midnight to 6 a.m. During this time MOREnet may perform maintenance or updates. Services, applications, servers and utilities provided, maintained or managed by MOREnet may or may not be available during this time period. MOREnet strives to notify members of upcoming maintenance, however prior notification is not guaranteed under all circumstances.

Service Cancellations

As members make selections with MOREnet for network connections, network-related services or membership services, MOREnet commits specific resources and expenses to ensure service delivery for all members. To protect the consortium as a whole and buffer all members from the financial variability as membership and service levels shift, MOREnet must ensure that any costs incurred are recovered. An authorized electronic signature from each member organization will be required when ordering network connections.

The following early termination penalties will apply:

One-year Membership Service and Managed Connection Fees:
Should a member elect to cancel service within the one-year service period, MOREnet will follow these guidelines:

Cancellation effective between July 1 and Sept. 30:Fee pro-rated monthly for up to three-months
Cancellation effective between Oct. 1 and June 30:Full annual fee charged

MOREnet Network Connectivity Fees:

MOREnet will review network connectivity fee cancellation costs with each member upon notification of cancellation. Members should provide at least 60 days’ notice on all cancellations so we may work with you to avoid additional costs, as most vendors require at least 30 days’ notice to cancel circuits.

Vendor Network Connection Fees:

Early termination penalties, as per the current vendor and circuit contract, will apply. Member is responsible for 100 percent of any termination penalty due to early circuit termination.

General Service Policies

These service policies apply to any network connectivity, equipment, storage platform and/or services (hereafter referred to as “Services”) offered by MOREnet to its Members or to Member-owned equipment managed by MOREnet. MOREnet will be responsible for maintaining the most current version of this document on its public website. Members will be responsible for reviewing this document on the MOREnet public website annually or as change notifications are issued by MOREnet.

  1. Eligibility for Services

    1. All services offered by MOREnet to Members are at the discretion of THE CURATORS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI. Any and/or all components of the Services may be offered, modified, or eliminated from time to time as conditions warrant.
    2. To be eligible for any MOREnet service, an organization must qualify for membership, as defined at, have fully executed an appropriate Participation Agreement and fully comply with all provisions of membership and the Participation Agreement. Membership eligibility may be modified from time to time.
    3. In the event a specific service requires a separate agreement to be executed by Member, the Member is also fully bound by the Participation Agreement. In the event any agreement language conflicts, the more restrictive agreement shall be the prevailing language.
    4. MOREnet reserves the right to offer, demonstrate or enter into contractual relationships with non-members for selected services from time to time when such action falls within the published purpose of MOREnet.
  2. Responsibilities of Parties

    1. MOREnet agrees that MOREnet will:
      1. Provide Service(s) to Member in accordance with, herein incorporated by reference, and the same may be revised from time to time.
      2. Use best commercially reasonable efforts to deliver Service(s) as described, but does not guarantee results or performance levels.
      3. Maintain a business relationship with the Member while services are being provided. No direct, indirect or implied relationship exists between MOREnet and Member’s authorized users.
      4. Assume no duty or responsibility to identify confidential or privileged material placed by Member on any MOREnet Services. Assume no ownership of any data placed on any MOREnet Services by Member or its authorized users.
      5. Assume no liability for Member use of its data.
      6. Assume no responsibility or liability for the actions of the member or its authorized users.
    2. Member agrees that Member will:
      1. Be responsible for all fees associated with early termination of any MOREnet service as applicable and described at
      2. Maintain an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for its authorized users. The AUP of each Member shall incorporate/be no less restrictive than the Acceptable Use described herein.
      3. Maintain a Security Policy that informs its authorized users that there is no expectation of privacy on any MOREnet provided or managed service(s).
      4. Provide reasonable security for all MOREnet provisioned ID/Passwords.
      5. Be responsible for its own network security policy and security violation response procedures.
      6. Permit MOREnet to remove any MOREnet provided ID/Password upon termination or expiration of Member participation or use of any MOREnet Services.
      7. Maintain responsibility and ownership of all data placed on any MOREnet Services by Member or its authorized users, and for any Member use of such data.
      8. To the extent that Member is a Covered Entity or Business Associate, ensure that any Protected Health Information, as those terms are defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its promulgating regulations, is encrypted during transmission over MOREnet systems.
      9. Be responsible for Acceptable Use compliance by its authorized users. Appoint the following key representatives for the Member organization, as applicable for MOREnet Service(s) provided:
        1. Institutional Representative (IR): Designated official for the organization.
        2. Security Contact (SC): Individual to interface with MOREnet security staff.
        3. Billing Contact (BC): Individual to receive invoices and resolve payment issues.
        4. Information Release Official (IRO): Individual to authorize release of member-specific records, material or information maintained on any MOREnet Services to the member. Unless otherwise notified, MOREnet will assume the Institutional Representative also performs the role of the IRO.
        5. Video Contact: Individual responsible for all aspects of the organization’s videoconferencing and streaming activities.
        6. Technical Contact (TC): Individual responsible for overall coordination of the technology of the organization.
        7. E-Rate Contact: Individual responsible for the organization’s E-rate compliance efforts.
        8. Site Contact: Individual responsible for the organization’s on-site help with data-connection issues.
        9. Professional Development / Training Contact: Individual who receives training information for the organization.
        10. Online Resources Contact: Individual who provides the organization support for use of MOREnet’s Online Resources.
  3. Acceptable Use Guidelines

    1. Acceptable Uses of the Services:
      1. Use to access, transmit, receive, manipulate, store or display data in pursuit of the mission of the Member organization.
      2. Use that is compliant with Federal and State law and the MOREnet Acceptable Use guidelines.
    2. Prohibited Uses of the Services:
      1. Use that violates Federal or State law or use that violates this MOREnet Acceptable Use guidelines.
      2. Use that interferes with the proper functioning of the Services or that interferes with the ability of others to make use of the Services.
      3. Use which attempts to gain or gains unauthorized access to a computer system or data of another.
      4. Use that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others. Use to conduct commercial or for-profit business, except as permitted under the mission or policies of the member institution. (See H. Special Use Requests for further information)
    3. Compliance:
      1. Violation of Acceptable Use guidelines may result in a denial of access to the Services.
      2. The above use descriptions are not meant to be exhaustive. The MOREnet Executive Director is responsible for decisions involving acceptable use of the Services. Until an issue is resolved, questionable use may be considered unacceptable.
      3. The Member is responsible for Acceptable Use compliance by its authorized users.
  4. Right to Inspect

    1. MOREnet reserves the right to inspect any data on any MOREnet Service at any time for the purpose of ensuring the proper operation of the Service. MOREnet will notify Member if an inspection identifies any problem that would interfere with the proper operation of the Service, and will take any immediate action necessary to allow continued proper operation of the Service.
    2. Data stored, displayed or transmitted on MOREnet Services, including, but not limited to, electronic mail and personal information, is subject to examination by MOREnet when:
      1. It is necessary to maintain or improve the functioning of the Services and/or;
      2. There is a suspicion of misconduct under MOREnet policies, or suspicion of violation of Federal or State laws (member IR will be advised of this activity unless legally prohibited) and/or;
      3. It is necessary to comply with or verify compliance with Federal or State law.
  5. Security

    1. MOREnet does not guarantee the security, integrity, confidentiality and/or availability of the Services. MOREnet will make a commercially reasonable effort to protect its Services against attacks or access from malicious or unauthorized users.
    2. MOREnet may disable user IDs or remove, without notice, any data associated with a computer intrusion or other threatening activities to protect the Services or other institutions using the Services from damage. As applicable, MOREnet will advise the Member Security Contact as soon as possible should these actions occur.
  6. Disaster Recovery

    1. MOREnet takes certain operational precautions to enhance its ability to provide continuous service availability to its members. Backups of operating systems, applications and data are generated in order to recover from system failures, intentional destruction of data, or other forms of physical disaster. Electronic backup files are maintained in a minimum of two physically separate locations. The most current 30 days of operational data are maintained through a combination of nightly and weekly backups, depending on the nature of the data or system.
  7. Records Release

      1. MOREnet will comply with legal requests for Member’s or user’s data. Member shall be responsible for all costs associated with MOREnet compliance with such legal request.
      2. Any Member request for Member data, including user-identifiable Member data, must be authorized by the Member’s designated Information Release Official and supplied in original written form to:

    Attn: Member Data Request
    221 North Stadium Blvd, Suite 201
    Columbia, MO 65203

    1. Member is responsible for the use of such Member data and all costs (if any) associated with MOREnet’s provision of Member-requested data. MOREnet retains the right to use aggregated Member data for its general business purposes and to disclose said data publically.
    2. MOREnet retains the right to use Member data as necessary to resolve technical, performance or other operational problems.
  8. Special Use Requests

MOREnet is not organized as a commercial provider of services and operates within a defined sector of the general public, as described by its purpose and Member eligibility descriptions. However, Member may have a diverse range of relationships with other entities which directly relate to fulfilling its mission. A Member may submit a written request for Special Use of MOREnet Services by another entity. Requests must include:

  1. A clear description of the business or purpose of the entity;
  2. A detailed summary of the relationship between the Member and the entity, and term of the relationship;
  3. A description of how the relationship directly contributes to fulfilling the mission of the Member;
  4. A description of Services being requested for use by the entity; An estimate of impact on the Member’s current bandwidth;
  5. A summary of the planned cost-share approach between Member and the entity for use of the Services;
  6. Any other relevant academic, economic development or business information which further justifies the requested Services use.

Special Use Requests should be mailed to:
Attn: Special Use Request
221 North Stadium Blvd, Suite 201
Columbia, MO 65203

MOREnet will respond to each special use request within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt. Approval or denial of any Special Use request for Services will be determined by MOREnet on a case-by-case basis.