• Filtered Web Traffic: Global filtering by IP address and IP address range, along with the ability to customize filtering solutions by organization.
  • Interface: Easy to use Web interface that enables the administration of filtering settings.
  • Custom Categories: Create and populate an unlimited number of customized block or allow categories, with further flexibility to allow access to particular sites within a category that are otherwise blocked.
  • Filter by Group: Assign filters based on multiple criteria. For example, a lab with several workstations might be filtered by IP address or IP address range and assigned the highest level of filtering, while that same organization might assign a less restrictive filter set to a different IP address range. This feature also allows the removal of an individual workstation by IP address from the filter.
  • Schedule-based Filtering: Assign filtering based on a particular time of day. For instance, the most restrictive filtering can be applied from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a more relaxed filter setting assigned during the lunch hour or after hours.
  • Block and Allow File Types: In addition to filtering Web traffic, administrators can choose to block or allow specific file types, such as MP3 or other bandwidth-intensive files accessed through the Web browser.
  • Reporting: Reporting tools are available to help you understand Internet activity and pinpoint potential problems. Activity logs are kept for two weeks. A limited number of reports are available through the MOREnet-hosted solution. More extensive reporting is available through the Member-hosted solution.
  • Customized Redirect Page: Customize the message that appears on the page notifying a user that a site has been blocked.
  • Filtering for Remote Devices: Filter laptops that staff or students take home to assure that organizational resources continue to be used in compliance with locally established policies.
  • Filter HTTPS, Anonymous Proxies and Uncategorized Sites: Netsweeper filtering utilizes advanced systems that actively scan the Internet and categorize pages on the fly as requested by users.

Contact our Network Consulting team at (573) 884-7200 to explore your options for content filtering.


MOREnet members both connected and non-connected are eligible for the Content Filtering service.

Purchasing the Service

For more information about, or to subscribe, contact your MOREnet Member Services Advisor at (573) 884-7200 or by email to

Terms and Conditions

  • All services are subject to MOREnet Service Policies.
  • Member is responsible for determining the categories and individual websites that are allowed or blocked.
  • MOREnet is not responsible for local decisions regarding filtering block or allow configurations.
  • This service is provided with the understanding that no filter is perfect in blocking all Internet sites that are in conflict with federal law.
  • The provision of this service and an organization's voluntary use of this service are good-faith efforts to meet the requirements of federal laws.
  • MOREnet is not liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from any use of this service or any outage, planned or unplanned, of this service.