A few Cool Things to think about going into MOREnet’s 2023 Conference

MOREnet logo with school building graphic

MOREnet’s 2023 Conference is this week, and there’s going to be a lot of great resources shared and learned about. As you know, MOREnet is all about equipping people and sharing insight about the newest ed-tech tools and resources. Here is 1 resource to check out while there; 2 grants for ed tech; and 3 tools that won’t be showcased, but are worth looking into.

One Resource that will be showcased


LittleBits are incredible ed-tech tools that allow you to build all sorts of projects that help reinforce electrical engineering. These tools speak to elementary and middle school students but can be scaled up to high schoolers with ease. These tools are great and LittleBits will be showcased at our conference.

Two Important Grant opportunities

As mentioned above, LittleBits are great! And they have grant opportunities. Click here for more https://sphero.com/pages/esser-recovery-funding

Another grant opportunity is for/with MakerBot’s 3D printers. Yes, grants for 3D printers! This technology is not cheap, but it’s possible to get some for discounted prices.

Download the 2023 MakerBot Grant Guide

Three tools that won’t be showcased, but that are awesome!

One! Ozobot Crawlers!

Here what Ozobot says about them!

“Ozobot Crawler offers a new dynamic to programming Evo that challenges students to think beyond conventional bot movement. Crawler comes in a box with six individual, ready-to-assemble bagged kits that build into a bug-like device in which Evo sits. Students are challenged to think beyond standard bot movement and engage in the mechanical processes that are created between Evo and its new legs using Ozobot Blockly programs or Evo App drive control. Ideal for learners in third through eighth grade, Crawler develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, supported by lesson content available exclusively in Ozobot Classroom. Every Crawler bundle comes with sealed bags, each containing a surprise color inside!” 

Two! Ableton Live

This tool is a high powered, professional music editing tool. Think Garage band, but 5x more powerful. This tool is used in all sorts of music related curriculum across Europe and in some places in the US. If you’re looking for enhancing your music curriculum, this is where you want to start. Educator discounts are common and easy to apply and qualify for. Check here for more info! https://www.ableton.com/en/classroom/

And Three! Swift Playground!

Swift is Apple’s coding language. It is a powerful language that is easy to use. Consider looking into Swift Playground, which is an app that allows users to learn their coding language by playing fun and interactive games. It also allows users to create their own apps and much more. Click here for more info! https://developer.apple.com/swift-playgrounds/