Week 1 – Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

Cybersecurity Awareness Month - use strong passwords

Use strong passwords and a password manager.
This week focuses on passwords. Instead of using common words that are easy to guess it is recommended to create strong and unique passwords.

Examples of weak passwords would be the use of simple words that can be guessed or hacked through an automated database that checks for dictionary words. Passwords that use personal information such as birth dates or proper names can easily be identified. Adding complexity to a short password can be deciphered as well. P@ssWord123 or Summer2023 are NOT good passwords. Brute-forcing a password involves trying a combination of all possible characters until the correct answer is discovered.

What defines a ‘strong’ password?
Long passwords can make an account more secure. Using a passphrase is a good way to make a secure password and it’s easier for the user to remember. Adding in complexity through the use of special characters, numbers and upper/lower case can fortify your login as well. W@1king N the W0odz is a strong password.

Why is a strong password important?
Think about all the different apps and websites you log into on a daily basis. Imagine if your login information were breached. What benefits would the cyber crook have access to in that case? Do you want to allow a random person access to all your personal information and assets? It’s important to create unique passwords for all of your accounts. Should you be involved in a data breach or have not taken the initiative to follow password best practice guidelines, you could be at risk of having all of your accounts compromised.

Password managers are a good source of keeping track of, or creating, passwords. A password manager requires a master key to open the vault and offers advanced security protection. The database is encrypted and most offer the use of MFA paired with the master password in order to gain entry.

Check yourself. How strong are your passwords? #SecureOurWorld

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